Welcome TO IFA Acquisitions Ltd

IFA Acquisitions Ltd is a marketing company involved in the brokering of buying and selling companies or client assets on behalf of Financial Advisers looking for an exit strategy.


“We ensure Non-Disclosure Agreements are held with all Acquiring IFA Firms to protect the confidentiality of your Business”


  • Are you a Financial Adviser looking to retire or exit from the Financial Services industry?
  • Do you want a fair price for your client bank?
  • Would you like a structured, simple handover that is sensitive to your clients?
  • Are you seeking a company that has completed a number of acquisitions previously to simplify the due diligence process?
  • Would you like your clients to receive an ongoing financial planning service from local Financial Advisers who have the expertise and qualifications to meet their needs?
  • Do you only want to deal with a financially sound and highly reputable Financial Advisory firm that you can trust?


  • Are you looking to grow your business through the acquisition of Wealth Management clients with Funds under Management?
  • Do you only want to acquire client banks that have minimal upheld complaints and a clean compliance track record?
  • Would you like clients to be located within a 50-mile radius of your hotspots for growth?
  • Would you like IFA Acquisitions Ltd to help source suitable businesses for sale for a cost-effective fee?
  • Are you looking to work with a broker that will assist with the entire acquisition process?

“If the answers to these questions are YES – Call us without delay!”

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