About us

Backed by a formidable team of highly experienced financial services specialists, your initial contact will be with Paul Platten, our Head of Business Development. Paul has been successfully operating in the IFA Acquisitions market for some considerable time, ensuring that the selling IFA gets the right deal for his or her clients. With over 20 years’ experience of working in Financial Services, Paul has developed sound knowledge of IFA businesses and he is your ideal first point of contact to discuss how we can help you meet your objectives for your clients and the ultimate sale of your business.

Paul says “Most IFA’s want to ensure their clients continue to receive a high-quality service and share the same values and ethics with the new company – after all your clients are often your personal friends”.

The Acquisitions market is a maze, there is no “one size fits all” solution!

You must consider many factors, such as integrity, confidentiality, processes, systems, alignment of investment solutions and whether the Acquisition company is financially robust.

IFA’s do not have the time to research companies who are in the Acquisitions market, IFA Acquisitions Ltd can do this for you!


We receive our fee from the Acquiring company.