North West

Award winning IFA looking to acquire IFA firm

Are you a sizeable IFA firm with £90m to £500m and seeking an exit to a highly profitable privately owned niche wealth management firm whose Award-winning Multi-Asset Funds are ranked in the top 10 funds in their respective peer groups? Exit Option: Sell where the vendor stays on post sale as an Employed Adviser with the Acquirer for 24

Flexible IFA retirement options including an equity stake

Are you a Financial Advisor seeking an exit from financial services with up to £100m of Funds under Management with the added option available of retaining an equity stake in your business and retaining own branding style, whilst continuing to drive growth which you will benefit from any uplifts when valuing the sale of the remaining equ

Medium and large IFA firms to be acquired

Do you want to be acquired by an IFA firm that has the true desire to successfully embed your business and make it a success, rather than consolidating the clients? Options: Sell and retire immediately Sell with stay on post sale as Employed Financial Advisers Provide your business with the capital required to take it to the next level v

South Manchester IFA firm looking to acquire

Are you a Financial Advisor or partnership based within 40 miles of Manchester looking to retire and want your clients to be serviced by a local IFA firm with existing £200m FuM? Sell and retire – acquisition option This option would suit Financial Advisors with £100k to £200k of recurring income considering retirement and would li

Looking to establish hub and spoke acquisition model to achieve £1bn FuM

Are you a large IFA firm with significant Funds under Management seeking buyout terms of 7 to 8 times EBITDA? Our newly formed client’s goal Our client, whose board consists of leading industry names is seeking to establish a Hub and Spoke IFA acquisition model to achieve £1bn of Funds under Management. Their short-term goal is to acquir

Privately owned Lancashire based IFA firm seeking growth through acquisitions

Are you a Financial Advisor based in the North West who is looking to retire and want your clients to be serviced by a well-respected privately owned 100% unbiased IFA firm who mixes traditional old-fashioned simplified advice with a strong moral code and ethics? Sell and retire – acquisition option This option would suit Financial

Chartered IFA firm based in North West looking to acquire client banks

Are you seeking a regional Chartered IFA firm based in the North West to acquire your IFA clients? This IFA business is experienced in acquisitions, having successfully completed on a dozen purchases to date North West IFA Client Purchases They are open to acquiring either client banks from sole trader IFAs or IFA businesses within the N

Large IFA firms with £100m+ AuA seeking a highly credible acquisition option

Does your IFA firm have £100m+ of AuA? If so, are you considering your future exit options and would like to merge with a privately owned, independent, Chartered Financial Planning firm? Acquisition option for IFA businesses holding significant AUA Our client is open to exploring the different acquisition options available and finding th

Acquirer seeking IFA firm via Share Purchase

Are you seeking a share purchase of your IFA firm based in Northern England and potentially may have various business owners with different desired exit dates? The Acquirer This acquirer has over 30 years’ experience within financial services and has an established Independent Financial Planning firm based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Do you have clients not on fee agreements?

Do you have 40 – 60 surplus clients with ideally £200k holdings or above, preferably on platform or suitable to moving to a platform? The Acquirer This directly authorised Independent Financial Advisory firm, with its head office in Leeds has a combined level of experience of over 80 years! They have successfully incorporated two previou