Welcome to the last informative blog in the IFA Acquisitions and Herrington Carmichael series. Since April 2022, we have covered a new topic every week in our Blog series, covering all things legal for IFA Acquisitions. In this final instalment, we will be covering another topic useful for those currently involved in or those who are planning to be involved in IFA acquisitions “How important is broker involvement for a smooth transaction” which was taken from our recent YouTube video “Top tips when acquiring an IFA Business”. This is part of a wider collaborative series with prestigious UK law firm Herrington Carmichael.

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To discuss this topic, Gary Venner CEO of IFA Acquisitions asked Alex Canham Partner at Herrington Carmichael “We know that there’s real importance in having a good lawyer, a good accountant to advise on the tax side; so just how important is the broker involvement, would you say?”

Alex answered this question by saying “Very important. The other professionals, everybody has a role to play in a transaction process and the beauty of the broker role is that you can talk to both sides. We as solicitors, can only talk to the other party’s solicitor as a general rule. So being able to talk directly to the buyer and the seller and communicate those commercial points, the sensitivities around some of the more political issues that might come up in the transaction process and being able to just have that free conversation that unfortunately the ‘professional side’ of things as the lawyers and accountants can’t have. So I think if you’re able to sit in that role and you’ve got somebody who’s proactive in that, it’s invaluable. This is because when you do get issues that crop up, whether it is a sticky legal point, an issue that arises in due diligence or simply a commercial issue, around valuation or something that’s changed in the business, having somebody who can pick up the phone directly to the buyer and communicate that and try and broker a commercial solution is invaluable.”

Gary responded to this analysis of broker involvement, saying “I think that’s exactly the right words. It is about brokering a decision at the end of the day, and I always feel that looking at it from both sides and trying to make sure that the deal is fair and equitable, because I know that those are the deals that will work the very best.


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