IFA’s looking to purchase

Are you looking to grow your IFA business through acquisition?

  • IFA Acquisitions Ltd can help you find IFA businesses that closely fits your specific requirements.
  • We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and the breadth of IFA relationships we have. This enables us to source suitable sellers that match your needs.
  • We assess your needs in terms of location, level of funds under management required, Adviser needs and budget
  • Benefit from our expert knowledge of the IFA market place and our bespoke service to meet your needs
  • Our Acquirer’s Agreement which includes confidentiality clauses to protect our selling IFAs will be forwarded to you for your signature and return to signify your acceptance of our competitive terms – a fee is only payable on successful acquisitions

To find out more about how we could help you, please contact us:

EMAIL: enquiries@ifa-acquisitions.co.uk

TELEPHONE: 0208 0044 162

ONLINE LIVE CHAT: Use Let’s talk at the bottom of the page