Offering retiring Advisers 6% of assets under management (AUM) transferred to a hybrid managed advice service – market leading proposition offering a multiple of 12 times 0.5%!

The deal is Sell and Stay for 2 years

Offering 6% of AuM transferred to our client’s inhouse investment proposition for clients under the age of 75.

This is a gradual client journey over a 2 year period.

On top of the consideration value, during the 2 year transition period you will be paid 80% of turnover where clients are invested whole of market solutions and 95% of turnover where clients are moved to the client’s inhouse investment proposition.

An interest free loan facility is available to cover any potential reduction in new business as a result of spending more time on transitioning clients. This will be repayable from the sale consideration price.

Clients between the age of 75 and 80 will have a multiple of between 7 and 9 times 0.5%.

An adviser charging 0.5% ongoing adviser fee would achieve 12 times their recurring income!

Clients will be moved to a centralised adviser proposition with ongoing Adviser charges of 0.5% and typical TER of c1.7%. Our client wants to ensure there is no investment client detriment moving the clients to its proposition.

Assets that are not suitable to move will be acquired at a real time valuation at the time of completion.

The Acquiring Company

Established in 2007, this multi-award winner of major industry awards over the past few years including Best Fund Platform has shown substantial growth. With Group turnover in 2023 of over £400m with EBITDA of £220m they have strong financials showing year-on-year growth to continue acquiring client assets. As well as having open architecture the firm have grown their inhouse funds to £30 billion as at April 2024 with over 160,000 individual clients invested in their suite of fully diversified, discretionary managed investment solutions. With wide exposure to world-class investment managers as well as diversifying their investment by asset class and geographic region, their clients benefit from having more potential to grow their money and manage volatility, all in one Portfolio.


The aim of this offer is to provide a viable exit strategy with market leading deal terms while also ensuring that clients retain quality, regulated advice, and ongoing servicing.



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