Reference: 24901 | Region: North East , Selling | Price: c£575,000 | Funds Under Management: c£30,000,000 |
Recurring Income: c£160,000 | No of Active Households: 64

The owner of this North East based Financial Planning firm is considering retirement and is looking to sell their business. The business is directly authorised and has a very clean record with no upheld complaints, high-risk investments, or DB transfers. They have 1 Administrator who works part-time.

The firm has around £30m FuM with a recurring income of £160k. They have 64 active households predominantly in the North West with an average holdings per household of c£475k. Around 1/3rd of client investments are in bonds and the remaining 2/3rds are on Platforms. The average client age is 68. They have a strong relationship with their clientele and several of their top clients have been with the owner for around 20 years.

The ideal selling price for this business is a  and they are seeking a share purchase.