Our vision & values


To be the most respected broker for Financial Advisers looking to buy or sell IFA businesses


Building strong relationships

IFA Acquisitions Ltd will work with you from the start and keep in close contact with you throughout the entire acquisition process

Providing the best possible outcome for all parties

We provide an honest appraisal of buyers and sellers through positively representing the needs of our sellers, their clients and potential acquirers, to pursue the best possible outcomes for all parties

Matching the interests of the buyer & seller

  • Our service is for those seeking to buy or sell IFA businesses.
  • Finding a perfect match between a buyer and seller is key. Aligning similar investment approaches, service propositions and client servicing will avoid a wrong match which can lead to frustration with dissatisfied clients and a failure of the overall sale and purchase agreement.
  • Our aim is to marry the interests of the buyer and seller as this is the key to a successful transaction.
  • We take care to understand your requirements to ensure that a fair price is achieved for both parties, with a true business match and an excellent continuation of service provided to clients.


We ensure Non-Disclosure Agreements are held with all Acquiring IFA Firms to protect the confidentiality of your Business.