Many IFA’s are nearing retirement and are facing the dilemma of when they choose to sell their business. The high FTSE index is likely to have grown your Funds under Management to record highs and this is going to have improved the valuation of your business through the measurement of recurring income streams or EBITDA. Have you obtained an indicative valuation of your business? Timing raises many questions such as will the market continue to grow and what is likely to happen to the market when we get nearer to the Brexit two-year deadline for departure set out by the EU treaties? If you are becoming disillusioned or unable to cope with the industry’s regulatory changes and demands on Advisers; or concerned with poor health taking its toll or simply you would like to enjoy a well-earned retirement, then now is likely to be a good time to call us for a free no-obligation confidential discussion about your business exit and how to structure the best deal to meet your personal and business circumstances.