Will my clients move to a new IFA firm and sign their new client fee agreement when I retire / sell my business? Clients that have trusted your advice will generally trust your recommendation of why you have chosen the firm that is taking over your client bank. Clients tend to look out for:

  1. The new Adviser is qualified and passionate about what they do
  2. They have the capacity to take on new clients so that they will have time to build a relationship and deliver ongoing servicing to ensure the client’s needs are regularly reviewed and met
  3. Can provide holistic financial planning or a seamless referral to a colleague for areas of specialist advice
  4. The Adviser has a good grasp of the economy, interest rates and other crucial financial factors and will provide regular updates on the performance of your portfolio and policies in place
  5. Clients like to work with a team, whether it’s two or 20 people, so that there is always someone available to help them
  6. Knowledge that the Adviser has access to a wide choice of products and services that will best meet their short, medium and long-term needs.
  7. A client fee charging structure that is competitive and offers value for their all-round service proposition