The Company

Our client started their career out in Financial Services for a large investment management firm and being promoted to a senior equity research position before having a career change and going into the Tech industry where they founded their own IT company. They grew this company organically and through acquisitions therefore they have experience of acquisition processes.  

Having sold their Tech company, our client is looking to get back into Financial Services. This individual has strong financials with a few million pounds of self-funding in place to support their growth plans through acquisitions.

The business plan is to start out with a relatively small to medium sized business that has a good infrastructure in place for organic growth as well as through additional acquisitions. Preferably the firm would be predominantly platform based. As a minimum it would require minimum 3-4 staff but ideally larger, A share purchase is required of a clean directly authorised business suitable for change in control.  Preference for HNW / UHNW portfolios would suit this acquirer.

Option – Sell and Go

This is ideal if:

  • You are considering retirement
  • You want a fair and highly competitive price for your client bank
  • You would like a structured, simple handover that is sensitive to your clients
  • You only want to deal with a financially sound Independent Financial Advisory firm that can self fund the consideration price

Option – Sell and Stay

This is ideal if:

  • You are considering semi-retirement
  • You would like to give up running your advisory business, however, not ready to stop advising straight away
  • You want to create a capital event with a highly competitive price for your business with ongoing remuneration for continuing to advise
  • You would like open architecture to allow your client to migrate on existing mandates where these best meet the clients’ needs


Generally a multiple of up to 4x of ongoing fee income.

Or a multiple of 6x – 7x EBITDA

Typical deal structure of 50% upfront on completion, 25% at 12 months and 25% at 24 months


  • Independent Financial Advice
  • Open architecture to leave clients on existing mandates whilst new relationships are built with advisers
  • Deals are non-contingent to moving clients to any in-house DFM / centralised investment proposition
  • Honour existing charging structures during the deferred buyout period
  • Happy with both share and asset purchases
  • Looking to retain staff


  • You must be directly authorised
  • Minimum average holdings of c£200k but preferably clients with £1m+
  • Clean compliance record with no / few upheld complaints and no DBT’s


London and South East

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