Many forward thinking IFA businesses are keen to grow, but don’t have the capital, tools or resources to acquire other IFA businesses and recruit new advisers.

The pension and investment market is buoyant and when you consider that there is around £1 trillion of capital held with UK consumers aged between 50 and 70, which is traditionally invested with life office style products, this means the opportunity for capital growth for IFA’s is enormous.

We are keen to identify those businesses, with turnover of 
£0.5m to £3m, who have the real capacity and intent to grow

This could suit the following business owners:

  • Relatively younger principles who have reached their capacity to grow
  • Where there are a number of business partners that have different timespans to their individual planned retirements
  • Business owners who are not ready to retire yet and want to spend the next 2 to 20 years maximising the potential of the business; while retaining control to help achieve a premium value for the business when they crystallise value and release cash, while benefiting from Entreprenuers Tax Relief

The key to any successful transaction is to find the right source of capital and picking the right investor group that really understands your business and allows you to retain control of your business, clients brand and the timing of your sale.

If you don’t want to compromise the future of your business; or want to protect your valued clients and staff, whilst benefiting from:

  • Remain independent
  • Ensure your clients are fully protected
  • Guarantee no increase to client fee charging
  • Have an open architecture – not required to move clients investments or platforms
  • Remain in the driving seat to grow your business and drive the purchase price upwards
  • Access an interest free loan facility of up to £150k per annum, which is non-repayable until you sell your business
  • Access paraplanning and administration service, if required
  • Benefit from a tax efficient transaction by selling shares and not assets
  • Achieve a business valuation of 9 times profit, which is generally 40% above industry standard valuations using multiple of recurring income

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