Are you seeking an IFA firm based in the Midlands with over 50 years’ experience with substantial cash balances to acquire your IFA Clients?

Competitive Deal Options for share or asset purchases

Offering between 3 – 4 x recurring income; each deal being considered on its own merits. The acquirer has a preference for an asset purchase although they wouldn’t rule out a share purchase for a larger sized business in the Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire area. They are ideally looking for client banks with £20m to £60m FuM each and these should have average client investment holdings per household of £350k / £400k.

Payment period typically is 50% upfront, followed by 2 deferred payments of 25% at 12 months and 25% at 24 months

This is ideal for retiring IFAs in the Midlands, who:

Are seeking retirement and an exit from financial services
Want to deal with a local firm with a local firm with over 50 years’ experience of protecting and growing clients’ assets
Want an acquirer to have open architecture to maintain existing investment arrangements
Are happy to maintain existing investment mandates and charging structures whilst they build strong relationships with acquired clients
Would like to deal with established firms who have cash balances to fund acquisitions without the need for leveraging finance

The Acquiring Company

Established over 50 years ago, they have grown their independent financial planning business to managing over £500m of funds under management.

They continually look to evolve and improve their service to clients and are well respected within their business community.

They have a 5-year plan to complete a couple of acquisitions of small / medium sized client banks each year with £20m to £60m FuM each. They are looking for a firm with a maximum recurring income of £400k and average client investment holdings per household of £350k / £400k. Their preference is for asset purchases rather than share purchases although they would consider a share purchase for a larger size business, providing this has clean compliance and no higher risk investments.


  • Warwickshire
  • Worcestershire
  • Gloucestershire

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