Having managed to steer yourself through MIFID II, PRIIPS and GDPR, since the beginning of the year, you are probably feeling exhausted. Are you now ready to focus on your retirement / exit?

Many people look forward to retirement and welcome it as a chance to do the things they have been dreaming about. For many there’s also the opportunity to enjoy life at a more leisurely pace after a long career.

As with any change, planning can help smooth the transition. There are many areas of pre-retirement to think about and how to get the best price for your business so that the capital raised from the sale enables you to fulfil an excellent retirement. Preparing ourselves properly for anything new takes a bit of effort and commitment. Take a moment; and think about what you would like to achieve in the next chapter of your life?

This stage of life can be as active or leisurely as you want it to be.

Prepare your retirement.

Speaking to IFA Acquisitions about your retirement aspirations and providing us with details about your IFA business will enable us to help you plan your retirement to meet your needs.

How much is my business worth?

Like many IFA’s you have probably often wondered – “How much is my business worth?”  Selling your business is the most important business deal of your life.

There is no one size fits all. It takes time, resource and experience to find the right buyer for you.

For those seeking information, advice and insights on selling your IFA business call IFA Acquisitions who are experienced in the IFA Acquisitions market to discuss your business worth.


It’s time to close your business – don’t leave it too late!

We have lots of experiences speaking with Advisers that are suffering from ill health, who often delay taking matters further with the sale of their IFA Business. Unfortunately, we also have experience of dealing with Widows / Widowers dealing with the sale of their late spouse’s business. Whilst we are used to helping them achieve the best price for their business, hindsight generally dictates that the outcome would have been greater and smoother if the sale had been completed earlier. Call IFA Acquisitions to discuss your sale, who will be sensitive to your situation and never rush you with the process by going at the pace you are happy with.