Reference: 25961 | Region: North East , Selling | Price: £1,648,000 | Funds Under Management: c£57,000,000 |
Recurring Income: c£411,000 | No of Active Households: c120


The owner of this network authorised IFA firm is beginning their succession planning and therefore is looking to sell their business in preparation for retirement.

The business has c£57m FuM with a recurring income of c£411k. They have c120 active households with average holdings of c£470k. Their current ongoing charge is up to 1%. The firm has 3 support staff however none are seeking to remain with the company post-sale as all are looking to retire.

The firm has written 25 defined benefit transfers with the last one being in 2017. All clients are still with the firm except one who chose to transfer their money into a SIPP to manage themselves. None of the transfers were British Steel. All cases were checked and approved by the network after passing a strict compliance process and the network stands behind all advice given. The DB transfers have FuM c£22m with the average age of clients being c55.

The ideal purchase price for this firm is 4x recurring income and the owner is seeking a share purchase to benefit from BADR.