What sets us apart from other Acquisition Brokers?

We understand IFAs can become flooded with communication from Acquisition Brokers offering to sell your client bank, often using a scattergun approach by sending your confidential business details to many parties!

At IFA Acquisitions Ltd, we work differently. We understand IFA businesses and arranging your retirement plan / exit strategy can take time and needs to be undertaken alongside your daily duties; so we work to your timescales.

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Our approach is reinforced by our core values of:
  • Building strong relationships
  • Providing the best possible outcome for all parties
  • Matching the interests of the buyer and seller
  • Confidentiality

But rather than taking our word for it… we feel you would benefit from reading the various types of outcomes we achieved over the years:

Sold due to the demise of his network – SK, Financial Adviser

With the demise of his network, the thought of having to go through new induction training in his 70’s led him to the decision of retirement. IFA Acquisitions was able to align an acquirer who uses the same platform provider and has high calibre Advisers. Plus, we were able to source a unique contract where the acquirer guarantees the deferred payments will not be reduced, should a client leave post signing their new client service agreement. This left the seller reassured his clients would be well looked after for many years after his retirement.

LLP Partnership with multiple outcomes achieved

With multiple partners of a LLP looking for differing exit plans, we were able to identify an acquirer that provided an appropriate solution for all; including full buyout for those wanting to sell and a two stage partial buyout for those wanting to stay on advising and retire at a later date. By benefiting from excellent multiples and entrepreneur relief these unique acquisition terms gave their clients a cohesive transition structure. Plus, enabled them to utilise the acquirer’s economies of scale in terms of improved platform and asset management charges being passed directly to the client.

Maintained dialogue for 2 years before selling – CA, Directly Authoried IFA

Spending the last 2 years deliberating over the timing of sale and retirement, whilst focusing on growing his funds under management; we have maintained regular dialogue with both the seller and acquirer, who were introduced to each other by us at the start of the journey. The acquirer we originally identified remained the most appropriate throughout. He was able to choose from an extensive team of local Advisers to ensure each individual client had the best fit for their financial planning needs due to their complexity of advice as well as matching personalities – helping to achieve the best ongoing client relationship for many years to come.

The seller considered other acquisition deals along the way but felt our expertise in finding him the perfect acquirer right from the start, which ticked every box, is why he was not tempted by other offers. This is because, he was sceptical of whether the higher multiple rates advertised would come true in reality and wanted to do right for his clients – who have become friends. Hence, his decision to select the deal we sourced which would not arbitrarily increase ongoing charges or shoehorn clients into a new investment proposition gave peace of mind.

Widow of an IFA – BH, Financial Adviser

Having become widowed after her husband’s premature death, it was important his widow could turn to us and we could be relied upon to assist in making the best choices on her behalf. In a timely manner, we needed to secure an acquirer to take over her late husbands client bank, which he had built up after a lifetime of advising and be respectful of his previous ongoing advice to make minimal changes to the clients’ ongoing asset management. This sensitive matter was handled effectively to achieve a positive outcome.

Sell & Stay On – JL, Financial Adviser

Wanting to create a capital event to achieve security for his young family; this IFA achieved a purchase price of c£500k by selling his high net worth client bank. Plus, he stayed on within the acquiring firm as an employed Financial Planner. They matched his needs of a circa £50k salary with excellent bonus potential (6 figure OTE!) and allowed him to return to a corporate environment which he enjoyed most from his days within a high street bancassuer. A win-win situation was achieved for both seller and the acquiring firm.