Expanding Financial Planning firm created by 2 leading City Fund Managers seeking to acquire further IFA business / client banks in South Wales or London


  • Sell and retire immediately
  • Sell and stay on post sale as an Employed Adviser with the Acquirer

Acquisition Deal Value

Competitive multiple of recurring income of between 3 and 4 times with a payment structure typically over 2 years.

This is ideal for Financial Advisors where:

  • They are based in South Wales or London, which are near our client’s existing offices or anywhere along the M4 Corridor.
  • There is a preference for an uncomplicated asset purchase, however, our client will consider a share purchase subject to there being no higher-risk investments
  • You want open architecture to leave client investments untouched at outset, however there should be an acceptance that clients investments over time will be better managed by their specialist Investment fund managers with highly competitive TERs and proven track record of past investment performance, typically top-quartile
  • You require an acquiring firm whose founder shareholders are well capitalised to fund acquisition costs

The Company

This directly authorised Financial Planning business and sister Asset Management business was established by two leading city fund managers. The Asset Management division operates from offices in Mayfair, London and the financial planning business based in Swansea originated from an acquisition of an IFA firm offering financial advice for nearly 20 years in South West Wales. The vendor has stayed on post sale as a part-time employed adviser and will provide a testimony of our client fulfilling its deal terms.  With offices in Swansea and London the firm would consider acquiring its next firm in either location or anywhere along the M4 corridor. Additionally, the firm have an AR firm in Yorkshire which could be used to support a northern acquisition.

The asset management team consists of renowned investment experts and covers a broad range of worldwide markets. They are committed to providing the best possible investment strategy for each risk group and have the expertise to deliver this. Providing discretionary investment management and execution-only services to authorised and regulated intermediaries, charities and corporate entities as well as in-house to their IFA clients. They pride themselves on being one of the earliest adopters of ethical approach to investing in the UK. With a strong consistent performance track record since 2014 they are able to demonstrate often top quartile performance and consistently outperform major fund houses.

Ready to grow through acquisition of its financial planning division the company are keen to purchase further IFA client banks to support their growth. Their existing adviser charges average 0.6%, although some clients are closer to 1% and TERs are typically 1.7% to 1.8%. They would be happy to consider acquisitions with adviser fees ranging from 0.5% to 1% where there would be minimal change post sale.

IFA Client Bank Criteria

  • Ideal locations – South Wales, London and anywhere in between along the M4 Corridor
  • Preferably an asset purchase, however for the right business they will consider a share purchase
  • The vendor should be supportive of their ‘Restricted Whole of Market’ status and of their clients being moved to the Acquirer’s CIP, albeit that this will be done in a measured way and in the client’s best interest

Financial Advisor Acquisition Benefits

  • Directly authorised, with open architecture
  • Offers in-house DFM run by leading fund managers for professional investment management solutions to meet clients needs
  • Has funding in place for growth through acquisition
  • Opportunity to stay on post sale


Swansea / South wales, London and anywhere along the M4 Corridor

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