This highly knowledgeable Chartered Financial Planner is looking to acquire a Directly Authorised IFA business through a share purchase or asset purchase

The Acquirer

This acquirer is a passionate individual who has amassed over 30 years financial services experience and developed highly technical knowledge having proudly maintained his Chartered Financial Planner status for over a decade. He is skilled in financial education and can appropriately impart his expertise.

Options – Share Purchase of an IFA Business or Asset Purchase

Our client is looking to acquire a directly authorised IFA business through share purchase or acquire a client bank via asset purchase. They could involve the takeover of the permissions of your directly authorised business and run it using the same investment model – removing need for novation and thus minimizing any disruptions to your clients. This would most likely suit a Financial Adviser looking for a ‘sell and go’ exit strategy. Living locally in Nottinghamshire, he is looking to acquire a local client base within 50 miles of Nottingham.

Value – circa 3.5x recurring income with likely 50% of the consideration price paid upfront – subject to negotiation.

This is an ideal opportunity if you:

  • Are considering retirement from being a Financial Adviser
  • Want a fair price for your client bank
  • Want your clients to receive minimum disruption
  • Keen for your IFA business to continue running beyond your retirement
  • Looking for an acquirer with Chartered Financial Planner status


Ideally you should be a directly authorised IFA business with recurring income of up to £115,000 pa.


Within 50 miles of Nottingham

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