Reference: 23966 | Region: Selling , South East | Price: c£290,000 | Funds Under Management: £16,000,000 |
Recurring Income: £83,000 | No of Active Households: 42

This Financial Adviser is looking to sell their client bank and exit the industry to pursue something outside of Financial Services. They are open to either a ‘sell and go’ option or staying on post sale for 2-4 years maximum; their favoured option being staying on for 2 years.

The business has £16m FuM generating £83k of recurring income. Their ideal purchase price would be 3.5x recurring income meaning the consideration value would be around £290k. They are looking for an Asset Purchase.

This is a clean business with no complaints or high-risk areas of advice such as DB Pension Transfers, furthermore as an appointed representative any risk of advice would remain with the AR firm.