South West IFA firm ideal for an acquisition

The Directors of this directly authorised IFA firm are looking towards retirement, in order to reprioritise their focus on their personal lives. The business has £85,000,000 of FuM generating circa £625,000 of recurring income. Therefore, maintains a healthy average holdings per household of £375,000. One of the Directors will be seeking

Financial Advisor looking to sell their personal client bank

This Financial Advisor is looking to sell their personal client bank which consists of 12 active households. This small client bank could easily be absorbed by a Financial Advisor and presents an opportunity to uplift your own portfolio in a manageable way. Due to becoming good friends with many of the clients, the Financial Advisor woul

Midlands based Retiring IFA with small client bank for sale

This long established small, IFA firm is now looking to sell due to the never ending compliance administration requirements and leave the industry. The retiring IFA holds Chartered status, however does not require a Chartered Advisor to takeover the clients. The business has average client holdings of circa £200,000 and most clients in o

South West based Retiring IFA with small client bank for sale

This retiring IFA is seeking a local IFA firm to takeover the servicing of their client bank, following a decision to step away from financial planning and concentrate on mortgage advice. The IFA would be happy to cancel their financial planning permissions and agree an introducer arrangement to provide reassurance to an acquirer. In ord

South West based Retiring IFA seeking share sale

The owner of this long established financial services of 20 years is considering his retirement options and wants to find a well aligned acquirer. The IFA would like to stay on for up to 12 months to ensure a smooth transition, for the benefit of all parties. Average client ongoing fee charging of 0.64% with an average client holding of

North East firm seeking sell and stay option

The owner of this directly authorised IFA business in the North East is considering slowing down and feels now is the right time to start his exit strategy. He would prefer a ‘sell and stay’ option, because whilst he is looking to wind down, he is not quite ready to stop advising completely. He envisions another 1 to 2 years of advising

Small Retiring IFA seeking a clean break

This retiring IFA is seeking an exit from financial services due to the ever increasing workload and cost burden from compliance and regulatory bodies. The owner is seeking a clean break through a sell and go acquisition. In addition to the clients receiving holistic financial planning, the firm has circa 50 group pension and life client

IFA looking to sell and stay as an employed Adviser

This IFA has become increasingly frustrated with the never ending increased regulation and administrative functions required from being directly authorised. He is looking to sell his business and continue with the acquirer as an employed Financial Adviser for a further 5 years. The Financial Advisor provides lifestyle financial planning

IFA firm with average client holdings of £600,000

The owner of this financial services firm is looking to secure an acquisition option that is appropriate for all 3 important stakeholders, himself, his clients and his staff. The Principal Financial Advisor would be interested in being authorised post sale and staying on to assist the business / acquirer. The business is responsible for

South West based Retiring IFA with clean business for sale

This independent financial advisory firm is owned and run by a sole Financial Advisor who is considering his retirement options. Ongoing fees of 1%, therefore no concern for an acquirer with similar fee charging level as the propositions are already aligned. The clients range from ages 30 to 70, with most pre-retirement age which provide

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